About Almost Heaven Massage

Let's talk about massage. Massage, in general, is limited mechanical impact on all parts of the subcutaneous tissue and muscle groups. The massage technique is selected strictly individually depending on the type of a person with dosed massage load and frequency. During massage session we use essential oils, purified water and melodic music is played during the entire session, complementing and enhancing the effect of massage. With the help of various techniques the specialists of Almost Heaven Massage solve such problems as: correction of age-related skin changes, prevention of osteoporosis, an effective weight control and body correction, normalization of lymph and blood circulation and prevention of edema. With the help of massage, we are strengthening your health, keeping the normal body functioning balance, restoring sanity. There is no need to deny yourself this pleasure, you need to take care of yourself, love yourself. The right massage type and that was made in right time will help to maintain your health for a long time period.

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