Massage & Exercise in Pregnancy

While being pregnant every woman wants either to stay in fit or to jeep in fit in order to look perfect after the delivery. And there is nothing easier to do to keep in fit than just doing simple exercises and special massage during the course of this period.

This is a period of a woman's life when it is vital for her to get more of general body movement activities than usual. Physical activity helps to stretch all the muscles and also provides the baby with more room to relax and stay on alert. It is important to note that if you decide to go in for sports during pregnancy, you should choose the appropriate clothes to provide yourself with the necessary support and security. You can check maternity clothes store or other online shops to find comfortable clothing for physical exercises and choose the outfit that suits you most

Best activities for pregnant women

There are lots of great exercise possibilities for pregnant women today. Experts try to develop such activities that can be easily engaged in various ordinary activities at home, such as; laundry, cooking, fetching water from the well, regular pounding, gardening or farming and the list undoubtedly goes on and on. On the other hand there are social exercise events, for example, swimming, yoga, dancing or walking, and probably even some special training programs in the gym for cardio or aerobic activities.

There is also no secret that apart from just taking some exercises and regular visits to the gym a woman should visit some health centre on a regular basis for general check up in order to make sure that no complications are attached. All doctors confirm that physical exercises have many very positive effects on the pregnant woman not only from the point of view of her health, but also for her mental health. There is nothing simpler than pay 30 minutes of some physical activities performed at home or any other activity just to get sweat a little. Such simple regular work outs will definitely strengthen the body.

Local massage for pregnant women

There is no secret that massage in general has lots of positive effect on the human body like shaping the body or adding extra elasticity to it. In West Africa and particularly the Gambia, people believe that a pregnant woman needs to get a special local treatment during the eight months of her pregnancy in order to make sure that the unborn baby stays in the perfect position for the delivery and that the mother is able to stretch her muscles. There are lots of similar rituals existing all over the world.

Prenatal massage helps women acquire or even form the most convenient position of a baby in the womb to make the delivery process as easy and painless as it is possible. As a rule massage for pregnant women is made with special unique cream which is robbed on the mother's stomach and around the rips in order to make the massage process more relaxing and efficient. Experts say that in order to consolidate the positive effects of the massage it is highly advised to wear special cloth for pregnant like maternity belly band which supports the belly and so keeps the muscles relaxed and at the same tighten together.

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