Exercises and massage techniques for facial muscles

Today, fashion trends set such requirements to the way a woman should look, that it is fashionable to be natural, well-groomed and as open-hearted as possible. Now, it is possible to make your face a main element of your attractiveness. There is a very simple explanation - the beauty industry has stepped forward that far that those who have plunged deeply into it, want to demonstrate results they obtained. Exercises and massage for the face designed by Carol Maggio is a part of a vast ocean of methods and means, which help to improve your face, regardless of your material well-being. Find here what health problems can be solved using various massage techniques.

Famous American beautician developed exercises and massage technique for the face 25 years ago for herself and regularly shows phenomenal result on her own appearance. The so-called face building won thousands of fans and followers, who confirm the immutability of its true effect day by day.

Skeptics should know that this technique is theoretical grounded and exercises are aimed at all 57 facial muscles training. A competent workout of each of them gives positive results. Of course, you will not see the immediate effect like after using botox, restylane and other fillers or rhinopasty surgery. However, the effect will not disappear over a time. Followers of this method from Calgary do not recommend to look into the mirror within first 12 days of exercising expecting to see fabulous transformations. It is necessary to work on a regular basis, consistently and diligently.

All the exercises are divided into 5 blocks:

1. Training of forehead muscles, which main goal is to lift up the eyebrows and eyelids, as well as periocular muscles to deal with baggy skin under the eyes.
2. Training of nose muscles - a nose becomes slightly shorter and narrower without resorting to rhinoplasty.
3. Cheeks and cheekbones workout, which helps to smooth nasolabial folds, by increasing the elasticity of cheeks, lift up the corners of lips and even to make the lips fuller.
4. Exercises aimed at development of masticatory muscles results in visible lifting effect of the whole face oval.
5. Final stage - neck muscles workout.

Kristine Pierce using the information provided by Dr.Zakhary rhinoplasty Calgary specialist.

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