How to remove scars with massage and laser

It goes without saying that nobody wants to have ugly and shaggy skin, especially when it goes about scars. Currently, there are complex medical treatment that are targeted on reducing and minimizing scars. Of couse, it is much easier to get rid of scars when they are fresh. Even if they do not disappear completely, there are ways to minimize or hide their appearance. Is it possible to get rid of scars and can they disappear forever? Here we will discuss two ways of acne removal and they are acne scar laser removal and natural massage.

Natural massage. Gentle massage and compresses using some natural extracts make the scar less noticeable. Olive oil, cod liver oil, castor oil, lavender, vaseline are used to soften scar tissue.

The following recommendations and tips can also be used successfully:
• How to get rid of the scar with lemon juice? Its acidic character can work as a natural exfoliant and bleach.
• Cucumber, attachment compress with fresh green cucumber pulp at night, effectively smoothes out the old scar tissue.
• Aloe vera, apply it, massaging the skin, avoiding the eye as often as you like. Aloe juice has long been known for its natural healing properties. Aloe gel is often applied to heal sunburns. Its amazing power has proven to help in treatment of damaged skin.
• Apple vinegar. Mixture of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water to massage for about 20 minutes before washing off.
• Cocoa oil. Regular use twice per day, scar massaging for approximately 5 minutes, twice a day to help get rid of the old scars.
• Onion juice, massage twice a day.
• Honey. Its natural ingredients help skin retain moisture that breaks not only while burns.

Natural massage is useful but need more time. In case of acne scar laser removal you will need less time to healing.

Non-ablative laser remodeling of hypertrophic and keloid scars is the complex name of acne scar laser removal. This procedure smoothes the skin with heating and redistributing collagen. The epidermis is not damaged due to the constant cooling. New optical technologies and software development combine advances in understanding the impact of the laser on the tissue. Medicine offers a treatment option, at which the impact to a depth of 1 mm, provided permanent control of dosage and optimized depth of the lesion. Typically, it takes several sessions to significantly improve the texture and plasticity scars.

Kayla Harrington, experienced dermatologist explains how to remove acne scar with laser in modern Toronto clinics.

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